Thursday, December 01, 2005


CNET: A tiny Windows laptop with a sense of fashion

CNET has a good review of the Flybook: touch convertible notebook. I love those colors!

Here are the specs from their website. I’d look for the Tablet PC os to be added to this device soon.

Operating System - MicrosoftR Windows® XP Home or Professional Edition
Wireless WAN
- Built-in GPRS
- Frequency : Tri Band ( 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz )
- Antenna : Built-in

- Built-in Bluetooth Version 1.1
- Antenna : Built-in

Wireless LAN(WiFi) - Built-in 802.11b Wireless LAN function
- Antenna : Built-in
Processor - Transmeta Crusoe TM-5800, clock rate:1GHz
- 64K L1 Instruction Cache; 64K L1 Data Cache
- 512K L2 Write-back Cache
- Built-in NorthBridge to support DDR/SDR/PCI interface
- LongRun Technology to extend Battery usage
- Support full SMM(System Management Mode)
Chipset - ALi 1535+
Graphic Chipset - ATi Radeon Mobolity high performance low power chipset
- Built-in 16MB VRAM
- Support VGA-out and Video-out
- Support DirectX® 9.0
Main Memory - 512MB DDR
BIOS and Flash - Phoenix FB BIOS/512KB
Display - 8.9" wide-view 16:9 display
- LTPS technology
- 1024 x 600 (Wide-XGA) high resolutions
- Highest color to 32-bit
- Touch Panel overlaid for full screen touch control
External Display

- XGA (1024 x 768) (highest to 32-bit color)
- SXGA (1280 x 1024) (highest to 32-bit color)
- Highest resolutions to 1800 x 1440 (highest to 32-bit color)

External Video - NTSC/PAL
PC Card Interface - Support PCMCIA Cardbus Type-I/II
Hard Disk - 2.5" Ultra DMA 66/100; 40 GB
Wired connection - Built-in Modem (56K) (RJ-11)
- Built-in LAN (10/100Mbps) (RJ-45)
I/O - One mini-VGA
- One Video-Out
- Two USB 2.0
- Two 1394 Firewire
- One LAN (RJ-45)
- One PSTN(RJ-11)
- One PCMCIA Type-II Slot
- One pair of earphone/Mic
- Built-in WiFi antenna
- Shared Bluetooth antenna
- Built-in WAN antenna
- One external wireless WAN antenna connection socket
Audio - AC 97; built-in two speakers (stereo)
Keyboard - 80-key standard keyboard
Fast Keys - Two sets of Mouse Emulation buttons
- Direction/Confirm Knob (Trackpoint)
- Hot Keys
Power - Support ACPI for Power On/Off, STR, STD and power management.
Battery - 3-cell Li-Ion rechargeable battery
- Built-in very-low cut-off/Overcharge/Over-Temp/Over-Current protection;
- Fastest charging time : 2 hours;
- User swappable
Security - BIOS/Power On/Hard Disk user name and password
Mechanical and
- Clam shell and tablet convertible styles
- Landscape/Portrait display
- Dimensions:235 x 155 x 31 (mm)
- Weight around 1230g
External Power - 100~240V / 50-60 Hz

From the CNET review:

A Taiwan company called Dialogue has placed a new dot along that curve with an intriguing micro laptop called the Flybook. It's a full-blown Windows XP computer, complete with touch screen and stylus, that's not much bigger than a DVD case (9.3 inches by 6.1 inches and 2.7 pounds).

The Flybook offers all the traditional utility of a Windows laptop, but its bright, touch-sensitive wide-screen display (1,024 by 600 pixels) does something that your laptop probably doesn't: It rotates and folds back against the keyboard, so you wind up with a tablet. It's great for scrawling notes, making sketches, checking off boxes in a database or tapping links on Web pages. (You can rotate the image 90 degrees, as the goofily translated manual puts it, "clockwise or anti-clockwise.")

That's not to say the Flybook runs Microsoft's Tablet PC operating system; it doesn't (yet, says the company). But it duplicates most of the functions of an official Microsoft Tablet PC, and in the case of the handwriting recognition--printing or script--far surpasses it.

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