Friday, December 30, 2005


Giveaway #2 - Billionton Fingerprint Reader

I’m giving away a Billionton Fingerprint reader (PC card based) with the Omnipass Software.

Point to your favorite post on and tell me why it is your favorite. I’ll pick the winning entry on January 8 and announce the winner.

I would have to say that the following link is currently my favorite post on "The Buzz."

I like this particular topic because it provide a little insight to the personalities of the tableteers over at the Buzz. Great stuff!
Tracy's post that started the below thread immediately comes to mind:
I like this link
The reason I like this link is that although most posts give me a chuckle or shows me yet another model of marketing decisions or fix smaller problems, this link helped me to make a purchase decision that was over $3800. There isn't much information out there about slates, and the users in this topic really helped me to more easily make a choice that I could be happy with.

-Bhaltair @ the Buzz
My favorite is

WHat Do You Hope the new Version of OneNote will do?

This LONG thread not only is full of good suggestions and insight from board members, Chris Pratley (MS) provided feedback and input on the suggestions. This thread is an a good example of TabletPCBuzz acting as a serious resource for users and developers.
I find so many of the posts on the Buzz helpful, informative useful. etc., that picking one based on those criteria would be nigh impossible. Here's the one that put me on the floor laughing and takes me back there whenever I think about it

NEW RESEARCH: transient impairment of Tablet PC pen accuracy after toilet-water submersion

The thread I enjoyed reading the most was the "What do you do in real life?" started by you, Mr. Bushway:

I liked getting to know the lives behind the names and posts on the Buzz.


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