Wednesday, December 21, 2005


GoBinder 2006 - Built 1601 is released

If you have been beta testing GoBinder 2006, Agilix has just released build 1601.

Agilix didn’t bother warning anyone, so I’m hoping to alleviate a little bit of pain for those of you who are testing GoBinder 2006:

This beta release will uninstall GoBinder 2005 – without warning and without any options to not uninstall 2005. Up until this release, Agilix left the installation of GoBinder 2005 alone – this was good because it at least let us continue beta testing GoBinder 2006 and using a stable release in GoBinder 2005. Up until now, the 2006 database has been pretty unstable. I’ve got a big performance issue with my database that still has not been addressed, thus I can’t use 2006 on a daily basis yet.

Now – you can go back and reinstall 2005, then 2005 and 2006 will co-exist together just fine. In addition, your 2005 database remains untouched. For me, that means reinstalling version 1, then 2005. I sure hope the next beta releases don’t uninstall that reinstallation!

I don’t recommend you do this beta upgrade if you are on the road or not at a point where you can get to your 2005 install. Other users are still reporting a lot of sync problems between 2006 and Outlook.

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