Saturday, December 10, 2005


MindManager and ink notes

For quite some time, I’ve been moving to using MindJet's MindManager to take most of my day to day notes and also handle my weekly planning. Inking your mindmap is wonderful. Prior to using a tablet pc, I struggled with the keyboard approach to mindmapping.

With version 6, it was really good to see MindJet add the ability to do ink notes for a given topic. However, the functionality is a bit lacking and makes free form notetaking frustrating:

1. no multipage support for notes
2. can’t mix text and ink on the same page. They split their text and ink up into separate views
3. scrolling is bit buggy
4. no flag / symbol support
5. no support for copying and pasting ink to / from other applications

I’ve had several email discussions with Hobie at MindJet about these issues. I’m convinced that their notetaking module would be vastly improved if they implemented the Agilix InfiNotes control. I’d also love to see their brainstorming module ink enabled.

What are your experiences in regard to their notetaking module?

Thanks for making the case with the Mind Jet folks. Some of their pen- enabled capabilities sparkle so; others, like the notes, don't.

Thanks for being the thoughtful voice with authority who makes the case!
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