Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Question for readers...

I have a question for the readers of my blog:

For those of you who own a Tablet PC, is your Tablet PC your main computer or is it a secondary computer?

My X41 is my main web/RSS/email computer. Within Virtual PC, it is a secondary development machine.
My acer c112 is my only computer. I hook up a 19-inch, an external keyboard and some USB-storage when at home. I'm a student and don't need more. Some time in the future I will set up a little server/music machine for my home entertainment needs.
My Tecra M4 is my main computer where I do all my development (.Net/Web/SQL). I also read my feeds and read/manage my email, browse the web in addition to listening to music, watching videos and viewing pictures. And yes, I also play games on it from time to time. Thanks to the large display I don't need an extra display.
For me, it's still my second machine and will probably become more so over the next few weeks (unless I actually get the parts I ordered) or else it will fall apart!

I still use the desktop for my main PC but the talet for any time I'm out and about or slobbing on the sofa ;)
My tc1100 was meant to be my second machine, but has managed to relegate the dual-display desktop to "hardly ever turned on" status.

I'm thinking I might re-purpose it as a media server or similar, just so it gets used once in a while.
My M200 is my main work machine - although my new LE1600 tends to be the one I take out and about.

When in the office, I control the LE1600 via RealVNC, so effectively run both machines simultaneously with different things on them (mainly Outlook and MindManager).
I recently ordered a maxed-out Tecra M4 to replace an old HP desktop. Now every PC I own is a tablet, and I expect it to remain that way.
It is my secondary machine, primarily used for meetings and notes. It doesn't have the omph for development.

I'd like to hear you comments on the m200 vs x41 for a machine that would be about 80% notes and 20% Visual Studio development.
TC1100 is my main machine. At the desk it is docked with an external monitor attatched. Mostly used for OneNote for meeting with people, e-mail and scheduling, web browsing, and research. I also us it to present.

I also use an Apple iBook as I work in K-12 education and need to test and teach using both platforms. How I wish Apple would make a tablet!
It has and will continue to be my primary machine with the exception of heavy graphics work.
My Toshiba R15 has become my primary machine even though I utilize two powerful desktops also . . . one at work and the other at home. It doesn't make sense, but that's how it is!
My primary work computer is my HP TPC 1100. I love it.
Rob: The Gateway s7200c is my one and only PC (I do have a Mac G5 in my office but it's primarily a server and testing machine). One of the reasons I elected to go with Gateway, despite its heft, is that is a true desktop replacement as well as a fine Tablet PC.

I use the port replicator when in the office to connect to the network, and external USB backup drive, and an external keyborad and trackball. I used an external display for a while but have ended up using just the built-in display on the Gateway becasue it is so sharp andf easy to stare at all day long.

I do everything on this machine - web and graphics, Flash development, podcasting, and more standard office doc work.
My NEC Litepad is my primary computer. I have a desktop at home that I use mainly for websurfing and blog reading.
Hi Rob,
You got some good blogging going on here and I wanted to respond to your question. For both Lynette and myself our TC1100's are our primary computers. They come with us everywhere (as most of you know. That is the beauty of it, one computer, one email programme wherever you go! We both have docking stations at work with flat panels and key board / mouse combos.

We do have a desktop in our office and we use it to

1. backup our TC1100 data (then back it up to a dvd from there)
2. process digital pictures
3. I sometimes do my day job on it by using our network to pull up files from tc1100 and make use of the bigger flatpanel (esp when working on mindmanager)work on it for work)
My Motion LS800 is my secondary/mobile computer. Once computers this size become faster and support 1280x1024 external monitors I would consider getting a dock and backup hardware and treating this as my main computer. This would make most sense in large organizations in which you get a loaner computer if your unit needs repairs.
Great posts, guys. There is some really good info in all of your posts.

For those of you who use your tablet as your main computer, are you using extended desktop or just mirroring your tablet display? what issues (if any) are you experiencing?
Me again. Lynette likes to extend the desktop and I do not. However I am fighting with mine at work right now and I seem to have given in to extending for now. Sigh.
My Toshiba R15 is my only well-functioning computer and I use it for everything except Photoshop which came free with my old clunker of a Sony VAIO desktop. Right now I'm using extended desktop to produce a video however I also mirror the tablet display often. The only thing I'm "fighting" are dirty screens and a 4+ year old external monitor. That said, it's better than nothing.
My Motion LE 1600 is my main Computer. I use it extensively in the field where One Note keeps my clients and prospects in order. If I need something done that my tablet cant do (which is almost never)I got my kids a desktop powerhouse that I can turn to.
Geez Rob you've become a superstar! Anyhow, my LE1600 is of course my main computer but I couldn't do it without the Dell 24" Widescreen that I've been raving about since I got it.
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