Sunday, December 25, 2005


Tablet PCs in the Bushway home

Thought you all might enjoy this bit from today:

My father, who is becoming quite the computer geek, is visiting for Christmas. After arriving he quickly bought my M200 Tablet PC.

My son, Dax, is now using the TC1100 Tablet PC

My daughter, Maggie, is using a TC1000 Tablet PC that someone graciously gave her.

My mother-in-law just purchasd a Gateway M280 Tablet PC and she is loving it.

I’m using a Thinkpad X41 Tablet PC.

My two youngest girls use either Dax’s or Maggie’s computer – depending on which is free at the time.

During periodic moments throught the day, I could see Dax browisng the Lego website on his TC1100, my mother in law was journaling, Zoe was coloring on Maggie’s tablet, my dad was taking the Tablet PC tutorial, my father-in-law was on-line using his Dell pocket pc, and I was working on MindManager maps.

Were we engaged with each other? absolutely – I’d go over to the couch and see what Zoe was coloring and help her out, my dad would ask me to come over to the kitchen table and help him with the tutorial, Dax would tell his grandmother to come look at a game he was playing – the thing to notice here is that we were all together in the same room engaged in technology in some form, but interacting with each other as a result.

Gotta love technology…

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