Wednesday, December 21, 2005


today is m200 day

I’m primarily using the M200 as my tablet pc today as my comparison to the x41 continues.

I dug in to the Nview desktop / extended display and fixed a lot of extended desktop problems I was having – WOW! Nvidia has fixed a lot of the issues I was having with my previous M200, such as remembering where windows should open up, displaying all the icons and desktop on the extended monitor, etc.

On the subject of the M200 and its screen, I just wondered if this odd behaviour ever happened to you. Sometimes (certainly not every time) when I land on a very dark web page or dark screen - such Windows Media Player) my m200 suddenly decides to change its resolution. From 1280x1024 to 1024x768. Just like that. Completely out of the blue (or more like dark blue).
Very strange.
Like I say, I'd be really interested to know if that's happened to you.
neil - that has never happened to me.
It's a strange one isn't it?
Thanks anyway Rob.
I'll try one of the forums and see if anyone has an idea.
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