Saturday, December 03, 2005


Update status on OneNote 12 and ESV

The testing I’ve done with the beta testers for a OneNote 12 version of the ESV is going very well. Most of the feedback is that OneNote 12 is proving to be a very worthwhile toolset for marking up and reading the ESV Bible, and it is meeting the needs of the testers. Many of the positives are some that Chris Pratley has already discussed: the ability create your own internal hyperlinks, much better inking experience for Tablet PC users, searching the printed text, and organization by having a separate notebook.

All of the above has convinced me that with a GoBinder version and a OneNote 2003 version, there will be no need to develop my own stand-alone version. I could certainly do so, but there is no way that I can match the feature sets that GoBinder and OneNote already offer – it would just take me too much time.

So, I’m already printing the rest of the ESV Bible for OneNote 12. Why not OneNote 2003? A OneNote 2003 section of Genesis printed on the lowest image quality setting of 100 x 100 is 32mb zipped up. To make the entire Bible available at the lowest quality setting, I would be looking at a distribution of a 1.5gb file for a very low resolution copy. I just don’t feel good about doing that. I can’t discuss the file size and print quality of OneNote 12 for NDA reasons, but trust me, it is not an issue with OneNote 12.

So, if you would like a OneNote 12 version of the ESV (and possibily other versions of the Bible), I’d suggest that you get the next beta release of OneNote 12 (assuming that it will be a public beta).

Cost? I can’t very well charge for the OneNote version when I’m giving away the GoBinder version. So, it will be free as well. Donations to help cover my time, hosting costs, current and future licensing costs, will be gladly accepted, though.

I'd be very interested in a OneNote 12 version of the ESV... how do I sign up?
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