Monday, December 26, 2005


What is in your Mobile bag?

I carry one bag for almost everything I need when I go mobile. I also put my tablet pc in there as well. What do I keep in my bag that I consider essential?

A USB Crossbox connector
Retractable ethernet conector
PC Card based compact flash adapter
Very small 4 port USB hub
a spare wacom cross pen
small moleskin with 2 pens

Thinkpad Tablet PC with extended battery
1 gb flash drive

When I go on the road for days or weeks on end, I’ll also bring my portable wap / router, a portable USB harddrive, retractable modem cord, and my regular Thinkpad T42 laptop as well (for rendundancy purposes).

What am I missing that you carry?

Can you use the Wacom pen with the X41? What about the Toshiba?

yes on both tablets
the cross wacom penabled pens
Can this WACOM Pen be used with the HP TC1000?
Not with with tc1000 or the Gateway M 280
I have too many things to mention here, but I'll list a few.
-a USB-to-IrDA adapter, since my precious TabletPC does not have built-in IR
-2 USB notebook drive enclosures, one with a drive already in it, and one empty one (the second one is for those devices which have "weak" USB power; it has a second connector)
-SD MP3 player/USB flash drive, with bootable cards
-DVD & CDs for re-imaging PCs, running diagnostics, installing large apps at locations with slow network connections (ever tried installing SQL or ClientBuilder over a T1? it's AWFUL!)
-flashlight for seeing behind computers under desks
-portable screwdriver with various nibs
-sometimes I carry a 3.5" USB hard drive enclosure, but it really doesn't fit
-I can often cram my ViewSonic Tabletpc V1250 in this disaster of a road warrior bag, but it's often in my arms

Sadly, I carry this around nearly every day, because I'm often on call on nights and weekends. However, I'd rather have a heavy bag than have to tell a user I'll come back when I have what I need to do a job.
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