Thursday, December 08, 2005


WordLogic Launches Tablet PC Predictive Software

From Business Wire:

WordLogic Launches Tablet PC Predictive Software: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

WordLogic Corporation (OTCBB:WLGC - News) today announced the release of the Tablet PC version of its critically-acclaimed software -- WordLogic Predictive Keyboard(TM) v4.2.

The on-screen WordLogic Keyboard is an innovative way to accurately and quickly enter information without the use of cumbersome keyboard layouts or extra hardware. By predicting words and phrases while inputting, WordLogic allows the user to easily and quickly enter information into a Tablet PC anytime and anywhere. Its colorful and efficient interface saves time and effort as text is entered in any application.

From their demo it does not look like this would be very helpful. I'd rather see smarter handwriting recognition by using knowledge of grammatical context, meaning and sentence capitalization to make the TIP suggestions even better.
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