Thursday, January 19, 2006


Billionton Fingerprint Reader giveaway - What do you struggle with most as a mobile professional?

The previous winner of the fingerprint reader never contacted me, so I’m doing another contest to give it away. The prize: a pc card based Billionton Finger Print reader and software.

Post an answer to the following question: What do you struggle with most as a mobile professional?

Two things come to mind immediately
a - Power. The consumption and recharging of power. Battery life is not stellar, but alright on most of my devices. The greatest frustration while on the road is to find that the device you need to use right now isn't charged, whether iPod, PDA, or Tablet. Then the question of travelling with the devices, especially out of town, on a flight. I estimate that power cables alone add a 15% volume overhead in my packing. I've yet to explore the iGo or similar devices, and even then, I believe it can only charge 2 devices concurrently.

b - Information sync. It seems that some information is simply best kept on certain devices, and not others. If you need access to that particular information, your best bet is to take that device, even if you don't need it for anything else. Having seamless data transformation and synchronization would allow us to work with our information wherever we want to - but then be able to view it anywhere, and then annotate / make notes as we wish. Even synchronizing files and bookmarks across devices seems an effort, when I feel it could be seamless.

- Ryan
Transition speeds AT THE BEGINNING of a quick meeting are the most difficuly. Try "wasting" 2 mintes to get a tablet PC up and running so that you can note down something when you're with a client.

Sure, sometimes you can be prepared ahead of time, but often not. Depends on what type of consulting you do.

Power isn't a big issue unless it's a straight "non-stop" meeting type. Otherwise, a power brick can (for me) extend battery for about 12-16 hours (Electrovaya).
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