Friday, January 13, 2006


ContextExplorer for Word and MindManager

ContextExplorer for MindManager and Word ( by Model Technologies) is something every MindManager user has to check out. They feature a 90 day trial of the Word app that I am just starting tonight. It looks very promising. I'd love to see a ContextExplorer for MindManager and OneNote developed.

Update: The MindManager integration is currently underdevelopment. I've been playing with the Word aspect of it. Quite a piece of software there. I'd highly recommend reading the overview of the product.

MindJet’s Hobie Swan shared this with me from Chuck Frey's blog:

Model Technologies is working on a new plug-in for MindManager that can review a Word document, extract the key topics and phrases, rank them in order of importance, and can insert the results into a MindManager map.

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