Friday, January 06, 2006


Couple of other CES notes, Tablet PC / Blogger meet up

Went over to the Targus booth and really liked these two carrying cases:

Pretty cool portable notebook stand from Targus: Mobile X Notebook Stand

I looked for links on website, but did not find them listed

Over at the SanDisk booth, I saw the Ultra II Plus SD Plus 2 GB card that folds out a usb plug. Very cool

Played with the new Treo 700W Pocket PC phone. I think I might be picking up one of those new phones. Nicely done.

Saw Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – pretty short guy.

Had a fabulous time at the Tablet PC / Blogger meetup tonight. Great conversations. There was probably close to 50 folks there. Here is a sampling:

The cost was picked up by a mix of vendors: Ablet Factory, Microsoft, OQO, Provo Labs, Monster Cable, Chris Pirillo. Thanks to all the vendors for picking up the cost

I am back home now, but it was great to meet everyone face to face finally! What a great community we have!
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