Saturday, January 14, 2006


Dave Taylor won't be buying an X41 Tablet PC

After using the X41 Tablet PC for several months, Dave Taylor has decided that he won’t buy one – why? Performance and battery.

I have not experienced any of the problems that Dave has, but I can certainly understand his frustrations. I’ve actually been quite pleased with the overall performance of the x41.

He is not totally jaded on Tablet PC, though. He closes with this comment.

In the end, I am not impressed with the usability of the X41 Tablet PC and am not going to buy a unit for my office after all. I am quite impressed with Windows for Tablet PC, however, and will try to find another ultralightweight unit that has better battery life and higher performance, but until then, I'll have to go back to my trusty Apple PowerBook. And dream of when the MacBook Pro has a Tablet option.

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