Saturday, January 07, 2006


Disappointment with HP, where was Motion Computing?

I continue to be disappointed, but not surprised, with HP. HP at a HUGE booth area at CES. Dennis and I made our way to their portable computer section – no sign of the TC4200 Tablet PC.

We talked to a couple of the reps about why the TC4200 was not on display, especially considering that Toshiba was displaying all three of their tablet PCs, Microsoft had a great display of a multitude of Tablet PCs, Fujitsu was their with their Tablet PCs, OQO was there, etc.

Their lousy excuses:

Planning to fail…

Another notable miss at CES was Motion Computing. I understand that somebody from Motion was attending, but nobody knew they were there. I met with a major tablet pc software rep on Friday and he asked me where Motion was. They did the same thing last year. They are totally focused on the business sector, but the folks that attend CES are not just consumer oriented. Why would Toshiba choose to soft launch the M400? Why display the Tecra M4 if it didn’t feel there would be benefit to business market attending CES.

CES has become THE major trade show for technology focused professionals to attend. Scouting the products, learning where things are headed helps us get leg up on how we can help our customers make better technology decisions. There is not another major trade show happening where you can get your hands on so much technology at one time. Motion needs to be a visible player in 2007.

Seriously! We went over to the HP booth and I asked the man where the tablets were and he kept saying they were business machines. It was funny though because I was holding an HP tablet in my hand ..

We just walked away from him .. their loss
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