Wednesday, January 04, 2006


FranklinCovey Releases PlanPlus(TM) for Windows(R) XP 5.0

I don’t know what to make of this press release (I’ll try to find out later), but it looks like that FranklinCovey has released PlanPlus for XP 5.0. I find this a bit strange because Agilix is still working on GoBinder 2006 which still has a tremendous amount of performance issues and bugs to the foundational part of the system. In addition, all of the screen shots on are of 4.0. I’ve posted a thread to the Agilix public beta forum inquiring to the status. You can follow it here.

FranklinCovey (NYSE: FC)
announces the launch of PlanPlus for Windows XP 5.0, the company's latest
release of planning software. PlanPlus for Windows XP 5.0 has a customizable user interface, FranklinCovey applications for the Palm(R) OS, full category support, improved task organization and enhanced note-taking features.

FranklinCovey Releases PlanPlus(TM) for Windows(R) XP 5.0.

Uhhhh, I'm beta testing this thing and it still has a LOOOONG way to go before it's ready...
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