Monday, January 02, 2006


Giveaway #3 - Solve this riddle

I’ll give a Michael Linenberger “Total Workday Control, using Microsoft Outlook” to the first person who can solve the following. It’ll take a little bit of sleuth work, but it can be figured out. Provide the links as well…

1) My Profile on

2) Month and Day of importance to my profile

3) Lora?

5) Warner?

6) The Date

7) The podcaster

I think you're referring to the Spencer/Lora April Fool Marriage thread here:

Warner did a very funny script and JKontheRun was going to podcast the ceremony.
Are you referring to the first virtual TabletPCBuzz user conference held on March 29, 2004?,Conference

"It's for the information that we start here and it's for the community that we continue to return!"

Looks like we have a winner. Dany got it all right.

dany: send me an email with your contact info and I'll ship out your book!
Congrats Dany.
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