Monday, January 09, 2006


Jake on the Fujitsu LifeBook P1500D Tablet PC

Jake posts some pretty good thoughts on the P1510D Tablet PC. I really like the feel of that tablet pc, but it needs some work with the touch screen sensitivity. I had a lot of ink appearing just from pressing on the screen ever so slightly. If they could get those issues addressed, it would be a great ultra mobile solution.

I found that when I didn’t rest my hand on the screen, it wrote very well, but I’ve grown to accustomed to resting my hand comfortably.

From Jake ( read his blog for more info )

All through the CES show I've been drooling over the compact size of the convertible LifeBook P1500D Notebook. The 8.9-inch screen might seem small in the age of desktop replacements, but I travel frequently and want to eliminate some pounds from my travel bag. There's enough horsepower to handle the live audio stream for the radio show, the hard drive is big enough to transport my travel needs. By eliminating a DVD drive, there's less wasted space (I never install anything to my current laptop from a shiny disk). The screen offers both stylus and touch screen sensitivity for the best of both worlds.

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