Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Media Center PC question for readers

If you were buying a media center pc today, which would you buy? I’m currently looking at the HP Z555 on eBay as strongly encouraged by my good friend Dennis Rice.

Being a total newbie to Media Center PC, I’m a bit behind the curve in regards to this technology. I know I could get a tower pc much cheaper, but asthetics is very important to my wife and it must look like a DVD or else it is not going in our cabinet.

Your input would be most appreciated.


The z555 is a great machine, there are some good prices to found on eBay to around $800 with relatively small HD which can be easily upgraded. Personally if you can wait to around Sept. HP will be releasing their HD-DVD and Sony BlueRay versions and possibly one with Digital Cable card for around $999...

Just something to consider...
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