Tuesday, January 03, 2006


MindManager and Ink Notes

I’ve blogged about this in the past, but MindManager really needs to fix their ink notes module and make it Tablet PC friendlier. They are getting there, but they have a ways to go.

1) Scrolling notes goofs up the ink to the point that you have to close the note and relaunch it just to get the ink lined up again.

2) The pen doesn’t hold its’ width selection when the eraser is used

3) ink and text can’t be used together.

4) Cannot paginate the notes

5) Can’t have more than one note per topic

6) Can’t select and copy paste into another ink app, or paste ink from another ink app

7) Can’t search the ink in the notes (text is searchable, but not the ink)

I’d encourage MindJet to look at the Infinotes API and consider using it for their notes module. As it is right now, I’m having to do my ink notes in a separate application and hyperlink to the note, which is disjointed.

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