Thursday, January 05, 2006


Mixed messages on the offiicial announcement on the Toshiba M400

A couple of reps told me that the “Official” announcement would come in a couple of days and other reps have told me that it will come in early February (8th?).

The issue with the removable CD-ROM and replacement with a battery could be addressed in a refresh later this year. As it stands right now, though, the only other periperals you could put in there would be extra harddrive or different ROM drives. I was told that the decision to go Intel on the graphics chipset was due to the included CD ROM. They weighed their options and decided to forego Nvidia in favor of optional CD-ROM. Big mistake in my opinion and several of the Toshiba reps I spoke with did not like the decision either.

I think that one will come back to bite them. Nvidia was the ace in their hand and they let it go.

Toshiba told Loren, Layne and me February 2nd. Not sure if that is shipping date. I took several photos too and will upload tonight.

H was good to see you, Rob.
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