Thursday, January 19, 2006


More thoughts on Ink Gestures

I really believe that Loren’s Ink Gestures is going to sell extremely well and be very successful. Loren is the kind of developer and person who will pour a lot of effort in this product and work tirelessly at bringing together the rough edges. It’ll be successful because of Loren and because he has a great idea.

Who are potential customers? Teachers, students, paralegals, editors, and those who are doing editing / correcting without a keyboard or when mobile.

Having more apps like Ink Gestures really helps push the tablet pc concept and helps users be more productive when in slate mode. ActiveWords and its’ InkPad module, TEO, and now Ink Gestures for Word 2003. Kudos to these ISVs.

I think Microsoft is smart by not addressing the above apps (primarily TEO and InkGestures) in their applications. Why? They help create the development community by not killing off the small guy and it shows off what can be done, thus stirring the pot for other developers to do stuff. At some point, though, Microsoft is going to address gesturing markup support in Word, and inking functionality in Outlook, and I hope that they treat Loren and Josh well. Be sure to put a lot of zeroes in those checks!

I thought it would be in Office 12, but obviously not – good for Loren and Josh.

Where else could this gesturing support be used? OneNote and GoBinder.

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