Saturday, January 07, 2006


Successful mobilization at CES

When you navigate the floors of CES, you need to travel light, but with plenty of juice.

The first day, I used the roll bag that CES gave all the press. It was very nice, but still a little too much.

The second day, all I carried was my Thinkpad X41 Tablet PC in its carrying case sleeve, along with a very light XM trade show bag for carrying swag. When I wanted to take notes, I simply brought the tablet pc out of standby, tilted the device toward me in landscape mode and wrote. I carried my camera in my jacket pocket.

When I was ready to post my blog entries, I plugged in my Verizon EVDO card and posted my entries – very seamless.

What do I consider the essentials for navigating a conference like that?

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