Saturday, January 14, 2006


update on using the X41 as my only computer

I had wayyyy too much coffee this evening – having a tad bit of trouble sleeping.

I thought I’d update everyone on my qwest to use my x41 tablet pc as my sole computer. It has been two weeks since I began this effort, and I have not used my t42 thinkpad for much of anything except for grabbing a few files that I forgot to pull over to the x41. I’ve been very pleased with the performance. I’ve been doing flash work, dreamweaver, sql server, outlook, mindmanager, and the occasional word processing. I have not experienced any hiccups along the way. I’d highly recommend upgrading to 1.5gb. For some reason, I’m finding the need to defrag more often. Every Friday night I check my disk, Windows advises me that it should defrag - so I do.

I went to a client site yesterday afternoon from 9:00 – 1:00. When I left, I still had 2 hours of battery remaining on the 8 cell. The computer was on the whole time, brightness at 3, wireless on. I was not using the extended wedge battery ( highly recommend it, though).

BTW: my wife is using the Gateway M280 convertible notebook tablet pc and really likes it. She has yet to use the pen. ;-)

My kids on the hand love their tc1x00s and frequently use the pen. My two youngest love their “tablet pcs” as well: Leapsters :-)

What I didn’t see at CES – I didn’t see anyone using a Gateway M280. If they were in use, it was in a booth on display. I also didn’t see any Tecra M4s being used. Otherwise, people were using m200s, x41s, tc1100s, and le1600s. Makes sense when you consider how they are built, but it begs the question as to the usability of such devices if you can’t use them when mobile.

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