Thursday, January 19, 2006


Using MindManager to track goals and projects

I picked the following links up from a MindJet newsletter. I thought my readers might find them useful:

Setting Goals

Many of us start each year with pretty lofty goals. They fill notebooks, or a whiteboard, or pages in a day planner. And they usually make us exhausted just looking at them. But then what? You accidentally spill coffee on the notebook, erase the whiteboard and that front page of your day planner gets crumpled in your briefcase.

By February those goals are all but forgotten. This year, try using MindManager to set goals. Add images that help to prioritize and categorize, then use the task planning features to track them to completion. We think it will infuse new life into your goal planning.

So much so, that you may find yourself obsessed with conquering that next achievement.

Goals and Targets

This month's sample maps demonstrate various ways to use MindManager to set and achieve objectives.

Download Map


Managing Projects with MindManager: How to get from point A to point B

New MindManager users ask many questions.  The questions can range  from the mind-bending complex ("Can you tell me how to use  MindManager as the front-end interface for my company's global database...?") to the utterly simple ("Uhh, my hard disk crashed and...") One of the most common, however, is "just tell me how I can use it to manage my project!" 

Learn how


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