Monday, January 02, 2006


Using the X41 Tablet PC as my only computer

For the next several weeks, I’m going to attempt to use my X41 Tablet PC as my only computer.

I’ll be at CES later this week. I’m trying to travel as light as possible and want to use this opportunity to put X41 throught its paces as my only system. I’ll be doing some development work with SQL Server, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Visual Basic. Performance wise, this tablet is doing really, really well. I’ve been very impressed.

The only thing I can forsee is the extended display issues. The M200 with the NVidia certainly has the X41 with the Intel graphic chipset beat on that end. I’ll also end up having to purchase a docking station, which I have put off.

How much memory do you have in the X41? Is it maxed out? Is the driver 4200 or 5400?

Which version of VB, SQLServer etc?

1.5 gb of ram (maxed out), 4200 rpm drive

SQL Server 2000, Visual Studio 2005
hmm, let me know what power issues you have. are you going to have this thing plugged in a lot or just occasionally? Got spares? Hows the battery life?
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