Monday, January 16, 2006


Windows Live Messenger invites available

I have a total of 5 Windows Live Messenger invites available. The first 5 that respond to this post and provide your email address like name at address dot com , I’ll send you an invite.

Your site is a great source for Tablet PC info. I've been using Tablet (the HP 1100 and 4200) for over a year now. I'm a community college administrator, and they are becoming popular with both faculty and administrators at our college. I also recently purchased 24 Gateway Tablet for a student classroom/lab.
I'd appreciate an invite. My name is Matt Smith. Email address is Thanks!
Fellow X41 user would like an invite - rdhatt at sdf dot lonestar dot organization
jkuo477 at hotmail dot com

Hey, count me in, just in case someone's address doesn't work! Thanks for making these available Rob.
singfiel (at)
all the invites are gone, but when I get some more, I'll post again and be sure to send one to you, Jeff.
hi. my name is joe, and i am desperate for an invite. i have been searching for quite a while now but to no avail. my address is
thanks a bunch
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