Monday, February 06, 2006


Activewords and TEO screencast

I have produced a screencast demoing how well ActiveWords  and Tablet Enhancements for Outlook work together for the Tablet PC user. I created the screencast using TechSmith's Camtasia .

I plan on creating some more of these, demonstrating various tablet pc apps, productivity tips, etc. I’m curious if you, the Tablet PC community, will find them useful as you evaluate various apps. Any helpful hints, criticisms, etc are welcome.


I'm using the same software to make reviews on TabletPC'corner.
It's a great idea but it's long to produce cool videos
Hi from Germany!

Love your idea of showing this videa about Tablet PC apps. But your newest video (ActiveWords and TEO) was way too short to be of help.

Everything stayed on the surface and no "tipp" ord "trick" was in it for me.

An introduction - yes; showing the programs to a Tablet User - not really.

Keep on, please!
Thanks Rob for this demo; I will finally be installing Activewords for good.

In your hands, I'm sure Camtasia Studio will do wonders for the Tablet PC community. I’ve been using CS for my posts on The TPC Buzz for a good while now and found productions with it to be extremely easy, but that's probably because I'm comparing it to Flash.

If you need captured work in OneNote, send me an email. I have an extensive OneNote production library along with others meant to be displayed on the web, but I just never made the project a priority.
I agree that Activewords is cool, and I'm been meaning to start using it for a while. The only thing that holds me back is the lack of free resources for more resident programs(the Sony U750 maxes out at 512MB). But it's probably worth it.

I would disagree on your final point when you said "A tabletPC user couldn't ask for a better experience." We can, and we're going to get it from OneNote12. OneNote12 + Outlook12 will do full two-way task integration. So you can just take your notes, then tag them with a task flag, which will automatically create a task in Outlook and link the two. If you complete the task in outlook it will show up in OneNote as complete etc.
Now THAT is powerful, imo.

Great stuff! I think ActiveWords inkpad works even better if you undock the inkpad, let it float,etc. Right click on the green icon, undock, and then show handles to move it to where you want it.

Let me know if you have any questions!

That is the way I have inkpad icon configured. It just won’t display when run through camtasia. I have icon sitting on top of my window bar.

Thanks for posting a comment!

Hi Rob - I love it! Great Camtasia video! I will be linking to it on our blog this week!

I've become addicted to ActiveWords too!

Betsy Weber

PS I got a Tablet to play with this week... :-) I'll have to try ActiveWords on that.
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