Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Another "expert" article on Tablet PCs .....

You know that an article written by “Expert Author”  Mike Singh is going to be “really good” when he begins with this:

A tablet pc is a personal computer that has a touch screen. Much lighter and more manageable in small spaces than a laptop, a tablet pc is a truly personal computer.

While a built in keyboard is not standard on a tablet pc a keyboard may be plugged in if the user prefers.

Come on…can someone please get their facts straight before publishing an article like this, especially with a tag line “Expert Author”

Tablet PCs can have touch screens, but most do not.

Most Tablet PCs sold today are of the convertible type with the keyboard built in – Slate Tablet PCs are of the type that do not come with a keyboard.

Gotta love this one:

The handwriting is stored as a graphic….

The handwriting is not stored as a graphic – the ink is its’ own datatype, is searchable, but can be saved as a graphic if necessary ( sending a handwritten email automatically converts to a graphic, exporting to .gif for posting on a website, etc).

Ah the internet Rob. Anyone can be an expert at anything. Just like the guy who prints up business cards with any title he wants.

Gotta love it.
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