Thursday, February 09, 2006


Eric Mack is looking for some help on monitor / resolution issues

Eric Mack is looking from some help from those who use high resolution monitors with their tablet PCs. Head over to his blog and post your thoughts:

Are you using a very high-resolution (greater than 1280 x1024) monitor with your Toshiba Tecra M4 (or other) Tablet PC? If so, I'd like to hear from you. You see, I'm planning to purchase a very high resolution monitor for mind mapping use and I've been researching various options. The productivity benefits of using multiple displays are significant. At one time, back in the CRT days, I had 5 CRT's on my desk and it was great.

The challenge is finding and selecting an LCD monitor that matches the Tablet PC output at its native resolution. Any mismatch and the monitor will likely shrink or stretch the video, resulting in a blurry image. Further, according to the tech notes I've been reading many Tablet PC video cards will not put out the full range of display resolutions to the external port. That's why I'd like to hear from anyone who's currently using (or thinking about using) a Tablet PC with an external monitor at 1280x1024 or higher.

Linky no worky - looks like it's relative, not absolute (left off his domain name, so it's using yours, and of course, not working).

I'm going to go post that I'm using an X41 Tablet with a Dell 2005FPW 20" widescreen LCD as a second monitor, running at 1680x1050, its native resolution, with no problems. It's analog VGA, instead of DVI, but it looks fine. that fixed..
I am confused. Why would he want an external monitor that matches the Tablet PC's native res? That's the whole point of using an external monitor. I can live with 1024x768 on the tablet, but nothing beats 1920x1200 on the 24" Dell LCD at my desk!
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