Saturday, February 18, 2006


Is Technorati relevant?

I’ve had a listing on Technorati for quite a while now and I have to say that I’m not that impressed with it.

Some rough numbers:

1) my stats say that I have 259 links from 54 sites. The problem with that number is that it has been the exact same for at least 3 months. I emailed technorati about it last week and have yet to receive a response.

2) I often post 2 – 3 times a day and ping technorati each time. However, when I click on the Recently Updated link, it’ll still show that my last update was 10 – 20 hours ago, even  several hours or so after I pinged them. I posted some stuff last night and I still don’t show up on the list when someone types in Tablet PC on the search screen.

3) What is the deal with the authority tab? It is the default link when someone goes to a technorati keyword. What i’m finding is that anyone that includes a certain term in their technorati tags and has a very successful blog mainly concentrated on something else is listed as a high ranking authority on any subjec that they tag. Scoble, for example, hardly ever writes about tablet pcs, but is considered the #1 ranking authority on tablet pcs because he has a hugely successful blog and included the tablet pc technorati tag in his profile. Is Scoble the #1 authority on tablet pcs in the tablet pc blogosphere? I don’t think so.

I’m curious how many people actually use technorati and find it useful? Is it really relevant if the data is not updated and is so skewed? I know others have had issues with Technorati in the past – they seem to fix the problem (temporarily it seems) if you bring it to their attention, but then eventually you’ll either disappear again or become static.

Curious on your thoughts. If you don’t use Technorati, what is your most successful blog search tool?




You know the struggles I've had with Technorati that finally, for the moment seemed to be worked out. I use Technorati occasionally as a search tool, but I find that unfortunately it can't be a primary resource. I have to use several different engines to really look for information. Did you see Scoble's post on how inaccurate results were/are? If you ask me, those who keep asking the question IS SEARCH DONE YET? are missing the point with the question. The real question should be, WHY CAN'T THESE FOLKS LIVE UP TO THEIR OWN HYPE?

For me Technorati is not relevant at all. The only time I end up going there is when a blog I follow happens to mention it. Then I occasionally will click over and see what the fuss is about.

The most common way I find blogs is through the bloggers I follow. Other than that I will use Google Blog Search, or just a plain old Google search.

Technorati is a useless, over-hyped tool. As you found with Scobel, the results aren't terribly accurate.

Google is the tool for me. It is much more reliable.
I agree that Technorati is worthless. I've set up Google alerts for all the stuff I'm interested in, and more often than not it finds blog postings that I could not find on Technorati.
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