Monday, February 06, 2006


jkOnTheRun: Building a virtual cubicle

Great article by James Kendrick on building a virtual cubicle. Well written, and looks like he is setting it up for a series.

The backbone of the virtual cube is the Tablet PC for me. I must have all of my applications, PIM functions, and documents no matter where my work takes me and using the Tablet PC is the main foundation for my work. Countless times I am plopped down in an empty cube at an office and in minutes I am set up more productively and comfortably than many who actually work there full-time. A convertible Tablet PC lets me set up as either a notebook computer or a slate depending on what I need to accomplish. The ability to ink is crucial to me as I constantly need to sign documents that are sent to me for return, mainly legal contracts. On the Tablet PC I can open the file up in PDF Annotator, sign it, and email it back to the sender. No muss, no fuss. I can also use the slate to take handwritten notes in meetings, secure in the knowledge my ink is fully searchable and my notes are thus retrievable in the future. For me it's the Tablet PC or nothing.

Looking forward to it, James.

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