Monday, February 06, 2006


Just received my DocuPen RC800

I just received the RC800 pen based scanner that I purchased the week before last. Out of the box, it is much lighter than it looks, but it is much taller than what will fit in a shirt pocket.

I post later this week on my findings: installation, out of the box experience, scanning, and importing directly to OneNote.

Rob, as a potential RC800 purchaser, I am quite interested in your opinion of this scanner.

As I mentioned in my response to your contest, I am another student trying to go paperless and I can't decide if I should purchase an Optibook 3600 or the Docupen RC800 (I can't afford both). My primary need is for a system to scan my books into pdf+text format. As a second goal, I'm also trying to implement a GTD general reference filing system that is as digital as I can make it (must include OCR of the majority of scanned documents).

For these needs, the proven Optibook solution would certainly suffice (for items that I can bring home and scan). However, if the RC800 will do book scanning and OCR as quickly and accurately as the Optibook, then I would definitely spend the extra money and get a scanner I can easily carry around with me to have on hand when I need it.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I for one would definitely appreciate if, as you blog about the RC800, you could address the question of whether the RC800 is an adequate replacement for the Optibook for making pdf+text documents, especially from textbooks. Thank you.
Ditto on that. I'm interested in using it to scan journals and books in the library. I want to minimize the amount of time I'm there, and keep copies of what I research (markup/write notes on, etc.) Throwing coins into a copier for a page I'm just going to scan into PDF doesn't seem reasonable. However, $300 is a lot of money. Would the cheaper b/w version work okay for that, or does the added resolution the rc800 add make that big a difference when OCR'ing? Those are the questions I have. Thanks.
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