Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Ultramobile Lifestyle PCs coming

Look for the following device to be announced very soon

From Bill Mitchell's slide:

The ideal Lifestyle Ultra-Mobile PCs will be

There will be trade offs of the above featues to hit the $500 mark, but the $500 is critical this new device that will be announced soon. You won’t want to leave home without it – like a cell phone.

This sounds a lot like the vision of mini Tablet PCs that James Kendrick and I have been advocating.

The closest we have so far is the Motion Computing LS800, but of course the ideal will be thinner, lighter, cheaper, longer-battery, faster and have built-in support for all wireless technologies.

It is good to know the folks at Microsoft (and Motion Computing) are coming to the same conclusion (or listening).

Once there is a sense of this being the next big thing we will get the economies of scale needed to produce the relevant software and hardware at a reasonable cost.
It says that the device should be wearable. Do you consider a tablet style device, including the OQO or CPC, "wearable"?
Elaborating on Paddy's question, did they get the jacket pocket model ( for mobility, or were they thinking of holders on belts?

I spoke to a very senior clothing manufacturing executive a few days ago and he said the manufacturers would make LS800-size pockets "in a blink" if they saw greater presence of this form factor in the marketplace. His comments show a downside of Motion Computing's strategy of avoiding marketing to consumers - Motion is missing an opportunity to impress the clothing industry and thereby missing the opportunity to have lots of people walking around with LS800-size pockets. I'll make sure the clothing industry people know of this latest expression of committment from Microsoft.

The clothing executive also expressed some concern about the wearability of a 1 kg computer, but I assume the thickness and weight will come down as the industry scales up to make such devices in large product runs.
Clothing wasn't addressed except for saying that this ideal ultramobile would be wearable.
I think they mean wearble like what the iPod is. Something which is easily transportable and could eventually fit in your pocket.

I hope it will be a cut down version of Vista running on Pentium M ULV or the Transmetta variants.

I hope they put in Wi-Fi. 3G is sooooo expensive in the UK. What if networks were to pick this up like T-Mobiles web & walk service? Could we see HTC make these and brand them as MDA's, SPV's, XDA's??? If you was to choose a contract with your new Ultraportable would you get a subsidary of the cost? I know in the US you don't subsidise mobiles. But a £25 p/m for 12 months usually knocks off £200 of the price of the handset. So if this was around £300 in the UK, a £100 tablet PC would be popular with the government to get everyone on broadband.
This looks a lot like the Pepper Pad.
What about Linux? Will it be able to be changed like a regular pc or stuck with only one type of OS like a phone?
if tsis new tablets have 10 inch - i give up. i don't like walk with 1 kg 22cm box.

Max screen size is must 6 inch and 16:9.
I see this as a CE-like device with Instant On, etc.

Its the right form factor for what I think could be the next must-have executive gadget toy:

A real paper notebook replacement. One Note, instant on, power point presentations and electronic notes.

Hmmm... had something like this years ago, I believe it was called a "Newton".
Its a cool replacement for my notebook.

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